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iHerb Rewards Program

How to join iHerb’s affiliate program?

Many people have asked me how to become an iherb affiliate. 1st you must be an iHerb customer that uses code MOQ651 at checkout. You see, iHerb’s affiliate program is actually more of a referral rewards program. It rewards people for introducing their friends in person or online to the iherb supplement and beauty supply website. You will receive a unique promo code that will allow iHerb to keep track of who refers whom, and a unique url (link) to direct people via social media or other online activities.

Its really that simple.

iherb affiliate resources

Once you pay for your first order you will be assigned a special code and will be allowed inside the website. In there you will find some resources to use such as graphics and a custom link generator that can be used to send customers to specific product pages on with your code automatically attached.

The most important section of this webpage is labeled “Activity.”

iHerb Promotion Tips: